Questions & Answers

What is your filming style?

R: To record the spontaneous and maintain a discreet profile during the events. We also try to make the clients comfortable with the camera while telling their story.

What products do you sell?

R: Our main product is the wedding film. We record the main events of that special day and deliver the end result in multi-platform high-definition. We deliver two different edits: a shorter highlights/videoclip/teaser version and a complete version. Extras can also be included. We do our own custom authoring, whether DVD or Blu-Ray, as well as design, print and animation. We also produce small films such as the “engagement story”, “save the date” or “trash the dress”. For further information please check the product page.

Where are you based and how far do you travel?

R: We’re based in Gaia and cover the entire country of Portugal, although we mainly operate in the north. We are willing to travel abroad, if our travel expenses are met.

How much do your products cost?

R: For us to give a proper budget we need to first know the details about the ceremony, so please contact us for further information. We speak fluent English.

What kind of equipments do you use?

R: We use high-end Full-Frame DSLR cameras, sliders, steadycam, quality glass lenses, portable illumination and professional audio.

Do you recommend one or two videographers?

R: We always recommend two videographers. The end result is much more dynamic, due to the added cutting solutions. It also allows a better and more careful coverage of the many highlights of the day, given their simultaneous occurrence. Our team is quite experienced and capable. However, we also provide a one videographer solution, who sometimes might use two cameras.

Do you recommend the filming sessions before and after the ceremony?

R: Yes, we highly recommend them. It helps create a bond with the cameras and the professionals behind them. Not to mention that they complement quite beautifully the end product. At the moment we’re also offering a simple homepage to host those same films (save-the-date or engagement story). Other info about the date can be added as well as a simple form to contact the couple. We also include with the final product, the possibility to share, easily, safely, and with whoever you choose, the many films that tell your story, so as to be able to share those moments with friends and loved ones, no matter how far.

What about payments?

R: We divide the payment into three parts: one third when booking, another third in the day of the ceremony and the final third upon delivery.

What about privacy?

R: Expect it at all times if requested. We guarantee complete discretion and respect for your privacy and wishes, from first contact.

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